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Turkey Breast boneless, skinless 1-2 lb $10.15/lb

Turkey bone in breast, with skin 3-6 lb $7.15/lb

Turkey legs skin or skinless 2-4 lb $4.10/lb

Turkey thighs skin or skinless 1-3 lb $4.80/lb

Ground turkey 1-1.5 lb $7.30/lb

Ground turkey all white 1-1.25 lb $10.15/lb

Turkey Summer Sausage Plain .75-1 lb $10./lb

Turkey Summer Sausage Jalapeno .75-1 lb $10/lb

Turkey Breakfast Sausage 1-1.25 lb $7.75/lb

Turkey Brats Plain 1-1.25 lb $9.50/lb

Turkey Brats Jalapeno 1-1.25 lb $9.50/lb

Turkey Brats Mushroom Swiss 1-1.25 lb $9.50/lb

Turkey Brats Spinach Feta 1-1.25 lb $9.50/lb

Turkey Hot Dogs 1-1.25 lb $9.50/lb

Smoked Turkey Thigh 1-3lb $8.10/lb

Smoked Turkey Breast 2-5lb $10.60/lb

Turkey Livers 1-2 lb $3.50/lb

Turkey Necks 1-2 lb $3.50/lb

Turkey Hearts 1-2 lb $3.50/lb

Turkey Wings 1-3 lb $3.50/lb

Turkey Backs 2-4 lb $3.50/lb

Turkey Jerky Teriyaki 5 oz pkg $8.00

Turkey Jerky Honey Brown Sugar Glaze 5 oz pkg $8.00

Turkey Snack Sticks w Cheddar Cheese 6 oz pkg $6.00

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