Our Story

The turkey business started with Rick’s grandmother in the mid 1940s, where she raised one hundred turkeys. Rick grew up on a farm where his family raised hundreds of turkeys also. When we married in 1976, we moved onto the farm and continued the family business. Rick’s experience and knowledge of raising turkeys allowed us to expand the flock to several thousand over the years.

As the years passed, our family grew. We raised four children – Amy, Annie, Andrew and Adam. Our children learned the value of long days and hard work as well as valuable work ethics and team work as they took an active role on the farm. They spent many hours feeding, gathering eggs and helping with the artificial insemination process.

For twenty-four years, our farm was a breeder operation for several thousand turkeys. In 2007, we began producing pasture-raised turkeys. After much research and attending farm conferences, we began to acknowledge the growing awareness of the importance of living and eating healthy.

Please see our ’photos’ page for a look at our farm and the process of raising the turkeys from the time they arrive at Duerksen Turkey Farm!

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