How we raise our turkeys. Our baby turkeys arrived! Turkey poults (young birds) arrive on our farm when they are a day old. They are kept in a warm barn where the temperature, drafts, light and moisture are carefully managed to give the birds a comfortable and safe living environment. The birds will stay in the brooder barn until they are fully feathered and able to handle the outdoor weather. This is usually about six to eight weeks of age. The first week of the turkey’s life is very important. They need to be kept warm, dry and safe with a constant temperature of 90 degrees. Too hot or too cold can lead to trouble for the turkeys. We house them in a well-ventilated barn where they have dry shavings for bedding, dry, clean food and a change of fresh clean water three to four times a day. Life is good!




Time to Play Outside!  Once out of the brooder barn the turkeys have free range in a large, wide open pasture with plenty of aged shade trees to block the sun. The turkeys have room for daily exercise and an abundance of fresh clean grass. They enjoy the fresh air, warm sunshine and chasing grasshoppers.

The soil beneath the feet of these turkeys has been clean and free of chemicals and pesticides for more than 28 years. Their droppings are tilled into the soil which enriches and puts back nutrients for the future soil for the next crop of turkeys. You can be sure these turkeys are grazing on fresh green grass which makes them happy, and makes us healthier!





Mr. Tom struts his stuff for the ladies.   My, how we’ve grown! Pasture raised turkey is a delicious source of protein year round. Studies have shown that pasture raised turkey is the only other animal outside the ruminant family of animals (cow, sheep, goat) that is able to produce conjugated linoleic acide, CLA, from the grass it eats. This makes pasture raised turkey an excellent choice for healthy meat.

Turkeys are very friendly and social. They all flock to the front of the fence when we come near. You can see that this tom is strutting his stuff in front of the ladies!

The turkeys we raise are called Broad Breasted Whites. As you can see they are clean and have a beautiful white coat of feathers. They also have a nice plump shape with plenty of meat. We hope you enjoy eating them as much as we have enjoyed raising them!






The End of the Line. Almost time to gobble them up! We raise the turkeys right here on the farm and then as a family we process them at the appropriate time. This means that the turkey you buy from us isn’t trucked across the country in a smelly diesel semi-truck (with several hundred other birds) to get to a processing facility. It also means that our turkey meat hasn’t been exposed to highway and automobile pollutants or the stress of being transported. I suppose you could say that our turkeys are happy to the very end!

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